Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOM’S shoes witnessed the “hardships of children growing up bare foot” while on his trip to Argentina in 2006. Mycoskie, wanting to help these children got an idea to start a company named Tom’s Shoes. The company began with the “One for One Business Model” in mind. For every pair of shoes the company sold, it gave away one pair to a child in need. TOM’S has been quite successful with their “One for One” business model and has inspired many other companies to adopt this model.

Till date, Tom’s says it has given more than 50 million pairs of shoes to children in need, has helped 3,60,000 people to restore their sight and also provided 250,000 weeks of safe water in six countries.
In addition to this Tom’s also launched it’s bag collection in 2015. With each bag purchased, the brand says it will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need.

With the boom of social media, brands are now more than just price points, they are living with personalities, goals and values. Nowadays, consumers don't only wish for a good product, but also look at the brand they are getting it from.
For example: When Tom’s entered the market with a similar kind of product, having similar prices, quality and styles, as compared to it’s competitors, they were successful because they valued the needs of the poor section of the society and the under privileged ones.

A consumer connects well with the social responsibilities of an individual and feels good when he/she gets associated with such initiatives.

Brand Catapult trusts the efforts of Tom’s as a great initiative to help the less fortunate section of the society, as well as a well versed branding strategy, which helped the company achieve new goals and establish a fresh brand in a new way like never before!